Data bases

Data base development – task setting, application and support.

Individually developed software best suits the client’s business needs. It allows the company not to change its working organization principles as it happens in case of a ready-made software purchase.

Individual software and data base programming is carried out taking into consideration all the requirements which the client sets up to the system. It means that the system can operate the functions characteristic exclusively for the client.

Individually developed software can also be modified and further expanded. Therefore, new functions can be introduced into the system and old functions can be removed from it. The system can function alongside with the existing software of the company as well.

We offer the following service for our clients:

  • correspondence registration (incoming and outgoing);
  • electronic documentation archive;
  • contract agreement system;
  • document and instruction implementation control;
  • customers’ complaint control;
  • agreement process automation;
  • organization of a local information website of the company and its subunits in the intranet;
  • system of job instruction knowledge control;
  • flow of document organization in the framework of project management;
  • budget agreement system;
  • registration of business trips, permits, letters of attorney, etc.


Illegal connections searching system.

Lexical parser for the CARH programme.

System of running schedules registration and control.

System of damage overpatching registration and control.

Warehouse programme of spares control.

Programme of production inpits fiscal accounting.

Budget system development.


House management programme localization.

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