Website support

Informative website support includes:

  • Creation of additional system pages
  • Material adaptation for the internet
  • Interactive website sub system management (incl. FAQ, forum, sections, news, etc.)
  • Tracing of material relevancy
  • Text translation into foreign languages and translator's support of internet projects
  • Source material scanning, reading and correction
  • Data backup

Website support

Website creation and placement is only the begining to set up your e-business. In order to make the site a really effective sales and business management instrument, you should constantly be engaged in the website development. We offer a wide choice of service concerning technical and informative support of the site as well as its updating.

We propose flexible payment conditions that depend on the amount of information to be updated regularly. All modifications are firstly saved to the website copy (if applicable), which is based on our technical capacity, and, after the modification is approved of, it is redirected to the working website.

To evaluate the amount of work, we need to know on what technological base your website has been developed and what improvements were made during the last couple of month.

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